Dark Ages of the Web

It’s now abandoned, but a lot of websites were built on FLASH technology.

Basic HTML technologies didn’t provide enough tools for designers to express their ideas and FLASH which was used commonly to create an animations so interactive presentations stepped into the Web.

For designers who wanted to do web development — FLASH websites were the breath of fresh air. Everything you could imagine was possible — from complex interactive animations to 3D.

The main source of inspiration was thefwa.com and it was an honor to add an FWA label to a website.

Sounds good, right? But what happened with FLASH then? Well, briefly it wasn’t secure, it was heavy to load, the ‘Apple effect’ and HTML5.

Unfortunately I can’t provide any links for you, because you can’t open them, FLASH technology is deadly dead right now.

It’s hard to imagine right now but FLASH was a big part of the internet not so long ago — websites, games, banners and I think that more than 50% of all designer’s portfolios were built on FLASH.